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Presidency of the Republic Congress and Culture Center

Spreading over an area of more than 1000 m2, the Presidency of the Republic Congress and Culture Center was designed to exhibit many performance arts. Espicially opera, theater and concerts.

Venue made it's mark among the world's leading culture, art and science centers. It's been designed with the finest details in mind, while blending perfection and elegance.​

Imagination of Desmus designers met with world-class technology and meticulous design and turned into a magnificent atmosphere.

Location: Ankara - Turkey

Type: Performing Art Center

Capacity: 2.041

Client: Presidency of The Republic of Turkey

Year: 2016

Usable Area: 1.050 m2

Status: Completed


Interior Design

Application Project

Acoustic Design

Stage Production and Infrastructural Systems

Stage Engineering Systems

Stage Textile and Floorings

Seating Systems

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