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What is Cultural Architecture?

Desmus is the founder of Cultural Architecture which refers to the design and construction of buildings and structures that reflect the cultural heritage, traditions, and values of a particular society or group of people.


These buildings often serve as landmarks and symbols of the community and are designed to embody the cultural identity of the people who created them.


Examples of cultural architecture include Performance Venues, Operas, Theaters, Educational and commercial establishments, as well as Museums, Government buildings, and Other public spaces that are designed to reflect the cultural heritage of the community.

About Us

Desmus was found in 2012 by George Andreou Chalas. In 2017, Ersin Çetinel also joined as a Partner and Managing Director. We have offices in Istanbul, Athens and recently in Barcelona and Dubai with a vision to expand into more cities in order to serve better our international customer portfolio.

Desmus consists of a large team of project managers, consultants and specialists such as; architects, acousticians, engineers and other sector specific professions from all over the world.

Cultural Architecture spaces are complex structures, and they need great experience to be designed.

That is why we have selected our team based on their backgrounds in venue management, theatre production, operations, architecture, acoustics and engineering, to offer comprehensive services at the all stages of each project.



Site Analysis

Assessment of the site to determine its potential and limitations, as well as to identify any issues that may impact the design of the building.

Heritage Conservation

Design of solutions to preserve and restore historic buildings and sites while ensuring they continue to serve their intended purpose.

Concept Design

Creation of preliminary design concepts, including sketches and 3D renderings, to visually communicate the overall design vision to the client.

Space Planning

Development of a functional plan that efficiently uses the available space and addresses the client's needs and requirements.

Interior Design

Design of interior spaces, including finishes, fixtures, and furniture, to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Detailed Design

Preparation of detailed architectural drawings, including floor plans, elevations, sections, and details, which provide the information necessary for construction.


Design and detailed solutions for, General Building Acoustics, Venue Acoustics, Electro Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control, Sound Isolation and Recording Studios Acoustics.

Performance Systems Design

Design of systems needed from performance spaces such as, Stage design, Audio, Video and Lighting systems.

Stage Engineering Design

State of the art Design and implementation of, Flying bar systems, Stage elevators, Revolving platforms, Stage wagons, Trap lifts, Stage tilt systems, Orchestra pits, Rigging systems, Theater seating systems, and any other custom solutions that a venue may needs.

Building Code Compliance

Review and assessment of the design to ensure that it complies with relevant building codes and regulations.

Sustainability Consultation

Integration of sustainable design principles and technologies into the design to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments.

Construction Documentation

Preparation of technical drawings and specifications necessary for construction, including construction details and material specifications.

Cost Estimation

Preparation of cost estimates for construction, including materials, labor, and contingency costs.

Project Management

Coordination and management of the construction process, including contractor selection, construction administration and test & commissioning.

Venue Operations and Management

Venue operating model and Feasibility study, Artistic programming & Facility utilization, Venue operations.



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Desmus establishes strong and permanent connections with its counselees. It is always aware that the best way to understand the needs is a strong and intimate communication.


Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye


Türkiye Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality


ESAS Real Estate


Grand National Assembly of Türkiye


Türkiye Ministry of Interior


Istanbul Sariyer Municipality


Mesa Mesken


Türkiye  Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Türkiye  Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges


Istanbul Uskudar Municipality


Doga Schools


Türkiye Ministry of Health


Basketball Federation of Türkiye


Rönesans Holding


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Turkey (Head Office) Contact

Sanayi Mah. Humeyra Sok. No: 6, 34415 Kagithane

Istanbul Turkey

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